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Be part of the transformation: Counter climate change with carbon-neutral energy storage centres and systems

Volkswagen is the biggest car manufacturer in Europe and the second biggest manufacturer in the world – and it is driving the electromobility revolution.

Niedersachsen has an ample supply of experienced, skilled workers in the automotive industry.

Europe's biggest customer for batteries (Volkswagen) is based here in Niedersachsen

Niedersachsen offers an advantageous supplier community.

Niedersachsen boasts the ideal infrastructure for industrial production and an established network for recycling.

Niedersachsen is the number 1 location for renewable energy.

Niedersachsen is the ideal location for your battery business

  • Well-known companies involved in battery production and recycling are already represented in Niedersachsen, including PowerCo in Salzgitter, Gotion Germany Battery GmbH in Göttingen, Clarios Varta in Hannover as well as Duesenfeld GmbH.

  • Be part of the expansion of electromobility and harness the strengths of Niedersachsen for your business. With the sites of major vehicle manufacturers/OEMs, the optimal research infrastructure and highly qualified, skilled workers throughout Niedersachsen, everything is possible.



    An established network for recycling

    Rewimet e.V.  recycles metals of economic significance and other important raw materials. Rewimet also represents innovation and dialogue in the metal recycling sector between businesses, the scientific community and regional authorities. Its members employ approx. 17,000 people and have an annual turnover of approx. €4 billion.

      Dr. Kathrin Dümig

      Transport, mobility

      Dr. Anne Hopert

      Life sciences, chemistry, lightweight construction