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The state of Niedersachsen is a pioneer in the energy revolution. Green hydrogen isn’t just a future aspiration – it is already a reality in Niedersachsen, as fuel for trains, ships and bin lorries.

Niedersachsen has the best opportunities for green hydrogen

The energy of the future

Renewable electricity

Underground caverns for storing large amounts of hydrogen

Seaports as import terminals

Many companies specialising in implementing renewable energy

Many companies are already implementing the technology to make use of hydrogen in the mobility, industrial and heating sectors

Find out more about hydrogen in Niedersachsen in our film

Niedersachsen combines two key strengths in a single place: dynamic economic development with a focus on future-oriented industries and an excellent quality of life.

Get your finger on the pulse:

Hydrogen products and projects are already being successfully launched and implemented in Niedersachsen. More information about the projects can be found on the interactive map of the hydrogen industry in Niedersachsen as well as from the Niedersachsen hydrogen network.

HY-5 – We’re on our way to becoming Europe’s no. 1 hydrogen region

Together for the future: In the HY-5 campaign the states of northern Germany have joined forces to make northern Germany the strongest future region for green hydrogen in the heart of Europe. Together we use the synergies from resources in northern Germany and offer investors growth potential in a future-oriented market.

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