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Germany is aiming for 80% of its energy consumption to be renewable by 2030. This means there is huge market potential for the expansion of wind and solar energy as well as the development of added value potential in the hydrogen industry.

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12.000 MW

wind energy on land

7.000 MW

 wind energy offshore

5.000 MW

solar power

Niedersachsen has so much going for it:

  • We offer: reliable partners with many years of expertise
  • We are: the no. 1 energy state in Germany, playing a key role in Germany’s energy revolution
  • We have: huge market potential in the expansion of wind and solar energy

In Niedersachsen

  • more than 90% of Niedersachsen’s electricity consumption comes from renewable energy.
  • every 1 in 5 kwh of renewable energy in Germany comes from Niedersachsen.
  • the Energy Research Centre Niedersachsen (EFZN) is an association of university and non-university research institutes supported by innovations in Niedersachsen

Invest in Niedersachsen

Niedersachsen combines two key strengths in a single place: dynamic economic development with a focus on future-oriented industries and an excellent quality of life.

Wind energy in Niedersachsen

Attractive prospects

  • Niedersachsen is the centre for the development and manufacture of powerful wind energy plants. World market leaders such as Enercon, GE Wind Energy and SiemensGamesa Renewable Energy are based here.
  • The seaports on Niedersachsen’s North Sea coast offer the ideal conditions for setting up and maintaining offshore wind farms in the North Sea. Along the North Sea coast you will find powerful production, installation and service ports on the Elbe, Weser and Ems. The expansion targets on land and at sea promise attractive economic prospects for your business too.


Agile Wind Power: A success story

‘We originally set up our business in Switzerland. But Niedersachsen is home to the people who have experience of building rotor blades and entire wind turbines. That’s why we decided to set up here.’

Solar energy in Niedersachsen

  • Solar energy is a vital part of the energy revolution. Niedersachsen is a highly attractive location for PV production: we’re home to new, more efficient technologies, combined with a growing European market and the potential to make production processes as climate neutral as possible.
  • The Institute for Solar Energy Research in Hamelin (ISFH) has been developing innovative components for photovoltaic and solar thermal energy applications for over 30 years, with a special focus on physical aspects and generalisable technological innovations as well as on developing cost-efficient processes.
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The hydrogen industry in Niedersachsen

The challenge: In order to manage the climate crisis, we need to reduce CO2 emissions.

The solution: Green hydrogen from Niedersachsen is key.


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Many industrial clusters and facilities from Niedersachsen active in research and development can offer more detailed information.

Olaf Krawczyk

Renewable energy, wind energy, hydrogen, maritime economy

Senta Glasewald

Aerospace, solar power