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"Made in Niedersachsen": Our cutting-edge technology is featured in almost every new passenger plane.

World leading: Together with the northern German states, Niedersachsen is the world’s third biggest aerospace location after Seattle and Toulouse.

30,000 employees in over 260 companies keep Niedersachsen in this top position.

Researched in Niedersachsen – built in Niedersachsen – successful around the world

Niedersachsen offers the ideal conditions for aerospace companies

Green flying – more than a vision in Niedersachsen

How do we transform the aerospace industry into emission-free flying? While the manufacturers of smaller planes and drones have been producing electric aircraft for a long time, airlines are having to rely on lighter components, green kerosene, lower consumption and alternative engines to reduce their carbon emissions. One example: Airbus is aiming to launch an emission-free hydrogen aircraft on the market from 2035.

Olaf Lies, Niedersachsen’s Minister of Economic Affairs, Transport, Housing and Digitalisation, says: ‘Niedersachsen can only consolidate its position as an attractive and leading location for European aerospace if the research and scientific communities collaborate with industry. We will continue to support innovative and digital research and production ideas to stabilise the core business and open up new markets. “Green Flying” is a major aspect of this. We have to make climate-neutral flights possible, because it is this very industry that can make a major contribution to reaching our climate protection objectives.’ Come to Niedersachsen and be a part of it! You can count on our support!

Become part of New Space in Niedersachsen

Thanks to the commercialisation of aerospace, which for a long time was shaped by states and space agencies, this sector has seen great momentum for a number of years. Satellite-based data and applications are the basis for new technologies – from autonomous driving and smart farming to many data-based business models. Satellites allow fast internet in every part of the world and earth observation in real time for the early detection of disasters. New Space as an area for business development is particularly fundamental for climate and environmental protection. Niedersachsen offers companies operating in this field the ideal location with many opportunities. Excellent research infrastructure for this is either already available in Niedersachsen or is being further expanded. There are also central funding programmes.

Light, lighter, lightest – lightweight!

Niedersachsen is a leader in the development of the marketable use of innovative materials as well as processing and returning materials to the value-added cycle. Composites United e.V. in Stade is a world-leading network represented in Niedersachsen. With around 400 regional, national and international members, Carbon Composites e.V. is a world-leading network of expertise for fibre-based, multi-material lightweight construction as well as the entire fibre composite value-added chain.
The Open Hybrid LabFactory  in Wolfsburg researches manufacturing and production technologies suitable for large-scale series for the economically and environmentally sustainable manufacture of hybrid lightweight construction components from metals, plastics and textile structures. Come to Niedersachsen and be a part of it! We can help!


Like no other in the world: our research infrastructure and our networkers

Leading in Germany: With 52 institutes at nine universities and five independent major research institutions, Niedersachsen is an international aerospace research leader. The state has increasingly invested in its research infrastructure in recent years. This includes CU Nord, CFK-Nordthe technology centres in Varel and in Nordenham, the research airport in Braunschweig as well as DLR.

Connected by professionals: the Niedersachsen Aviation state initiative helps you secure and improve your national and international competitiveness. As a central contact for businesses, policymakers and the public, it develops and supports pioneering projects for aerospace in Niedersachsen through trade shows, self-organised events and nationwide synergists. Big networkers make for big networks.


Anchor: two Airbus plants

With plants in Stade and Buxtehude, Niedersachsen is a major production site for Airbus. The Airbus plant in Stade specialises in the manufacture and further development of CFRP technology. This is where the fins for all Airbus planes are produced. In Buxtehude, Airbus subsidiary KID-Systeme makes electronic cabin communication devices and passenger systems.

An outstanding skilled workforce

Niedersachsen’s large employer landscape means a large skilled workforce, both in the aerospace sector and thanks to Niedersachsen’s high investment in the aerospace research landscape. One of the key strengths of our location is the availability of highly skilled staff. The state of Niedersachsen supports eight regional skilled worker associations and networks in the regions, which cover the whole state. We help you with this challenge.

Open 24/7 – from Niedersachsen to the world

Niedersachsen is very well positioned as a mobility region for aerospace. Companies such as TUIfly and Lufthansa offer their services from Hannover. There are also many aerospace-savvy logistics companies based at the airport. One major advantage of the location is Hannover Airport’s night-flight licence. Niedersachsen is connected to the rest of the world through Hannover-Langenhagen international airport. Numerous commercial airfields also offer plenty of options for flight mobility. Be part of the movement and come to Niedersachsen. We help you with this challenge

Braunschweig-Wolfsburg airport

The Braunschweig-Wolfsburg research airport is one of two commercial airports in Niedersachsen and, being centrally located in Germany and Europe, it is the perfect spot for innovative, international companies to set up business.

Today, with over 3,700 employees in over 40 companies and research institutions, the mobility cluster is one of the most important centres for mobility development in Europe. The 2,300 metre-long runway facilitates up to 30,000 take-offs and landings and 120,000 passengers every year. The cooperation of various stakeholders from the mobility and research communities make the location especially attractive. Innovations can be tested here in practice. Find out more

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