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The startup network Niedersachsen for startups,
supporting institutions, investors and the industry

STARTUPS are the rockets of the economy. They take off to change things at great speed. This is how they drive innovation, ensure a secure future and greater prosperity in Niedersachsen.

Every rocket needs three things to take off: a motivated crew, fuel and a solid platform. The crew consists of the founders, they build the rocket and steer it into new dimensions.

The fuel is the ideas and know-how of the minds involved and the required capital, which we provide in educational and research institutions and startup centers, as well as the required capital, which we make available through startup funding.

We are the central point of contact for the startup community in Niedersachsen. We network, shape and promote. In doing so, we act with foresight and according to strong values. For more freedom, creativity and diversity in the startup world, we want to launch ideas that make a lasting difference in society - and make it easier for founders in Niedersachsen.

To achieve this, we follow our guiding principle every step of the way: We want to "make making things easy".

Get in touch now and become the new rocket of the economy in Niedersachsen!

Tobias Wedler

startup.lower saxony