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Finding your ideal location in Niedersachsen

Are you looking for the right location in Niedersachsen? We can help! Contact us today for help in finding the best commercial site or premises for your business. Our advisory services Commercial sites and properties in Niedersachsen – it’s quick, easy and transparent

Want to get a quick idea of your options right now? Then visit our website at Our listings cover everything: attractive commercial premises, factories and workshops, warehouses and logistics sites, retail properties as well as offices and practices throughout the whole of Niedersachsen.

Komsis provides an overview of commercial land and property of all sizes and for all purposes, sorted by location. For each location in Niedersachsen, you will also find important information about the local infrastructure as well as the population, economic potential and employment structure. In addition, you can see the distances to all modes of transport. All of this is designed with one purpose in mind: to help you find the right commercial site for your needs.

More information is available at


Do you need or want renewable energy for sustainable production at your site?

More than 90% of Niedersachsen’s electricity needs already comes from renewable energy. In fact, every 1 in 5 kwh of renewable energy in Germany comes from Niedersachsen, and renewable energy production in the state’s coastal regions already exceeds the region’s consumption. What’s more: Niedersachsen is developing into a hub for green hydrogen.

The expansion of wind energy on land and at sea in conjunction with the expansion of the infrastructure for producing, importing, storing and transporting hydrogen will ensure sufficient capacities for renewable energy. This provides the perfect prerequisites for decarbonising your production facilities in Niedersachsen.


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Transport, mobility

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