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When you consider to set up your business here, we are your one-stop shop, providing all the relevant regional and sector-specific information you need – at no charge to you.

  1. 01Establishing contact with initial consultation
  2. 02Provision of market data and information on funding opportunities
  3. 03Location search and site selection
  4. 04Support during implementation and networking
  5. 05Successful establishment in Lower Saxony and continuous growth of your company

Free advice

Any decision about a location is based on in-depth knowledge about the relevant local factors. We support you to ensure that you are well-informed from an early stage with:

  • Individualised information for your specific circumstances
  • Information about tax and legalities
  • Advice on funding and start-up prospects

Choosing a location

We help you find exactly the right location for your circumstances in Niedersachsen. This includes identifying the right site and premises as well as organising viewings, including:

  • Industry-specific help from experts to find a suitable location
  • Shortlisting of potential commercial sites and premises
  • Facilitating specific contacts

Developing your site/premises

We’re here to help ensure your financial commitment progress smoothly and bears fruit. We facilitate the process for obtaining official permits/permissions, and pave the way for you to build fruitful relationships with existing networks and research institutes:

  • We connect you with banks, suppliers, and relevant organisations and associations.
  • We help you establish links with universities and research institutions
  • We help coordinate administrative matters
  • We help with entry regulations and business start-ups in Germany

Growing your business in Niedersachsen

We remain at your side: even after you have successfully set up your business, we make every effort to ensure you thrive and will remain your reliable point of contact. After all, we have a shared goal: ensuring your long-term success in Niedersachsen!

  • We facilitate invitations to relevant functions and events
  • We help you to get integrated into existing and emerging networks
  • We keep you up to date on important issues like funding opportunities

Get in touch with us! We look forward to helping you advance your plans.

Lars Bobzien

Head of Unit – Economic Development and Potential

Dr. Kathrin Dümig

Transport, mobility

Senta Glasewald

Aerospace, solar power

Dr. Anne Hopert

Life sciences, chemistry, lightweight construction

Olaf Krawczyk

Renewable energy, wind energy, hydrogen, maritime economy

Thorsten Schwanert

IT, food industry, mechanical and plant engineering, service industry